Geocaching is a relatively new phenomenon and is an exciting and entertaining activity, great for family fun and adventure! Check out Backbone State Park, Pikes Peak, the Aquarium in Guttenberg, and many more across Clayton County.

Geocaching involves the use of a Global Positioning Sensor (GPS). You do not need an elaborate GPS unit, keep it simple and easy to use.

There are over 200 caches within Clayton county at this time. Visit geocaching.comfor coordinates of these caches.

The rules for Geocaching are very simple:

  1. Take something from the cache
  2. Leave something in the cache
  3. Write about it in the logbook

What is a cache you ask?
cache in its simplest form can be just a logbook or larger caches may consist of a waterproof plastic bucket placed tastefully within the local terrain. The bucket will contain the logbook and any number of more or less valuable items. Remember, if you take something, its only fair for you to leave something in return. 

To place a cache in an Iowa State Park and/or land managed by the Iowa DNR, as well as additional land management authorities, their Policies and information may be obtained on their website. 

For more information on geocaching, check out or