News & Notes

Bridge Construction

Friendly reminder that bridge construction begins on Monday April 4th. The latest update from the construction team is that Bridge Street will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning at 10:00am on Monday April 4th. Vehicular traffic will be closed on the bridge all summer. There will be pedestrian access and emergency responders have been working hard to have plans in place to be able to respond from both sides of the river.


Attached is the most up to date map to help communicate the detours. Per suggestion, we will also be putting up extra signage with Elkader branding to help visitors find the path to downtown more easily. The plan is for these signs to be placed at the High/Bridge intersection directing people on High Street SE and then another at the end of High St SE. We are working on a few other ideas to help keep business flowing this summer with the hope to help create a positive community and tourist experience surrounding the renovation process for the preservation of the bridge.


If you have questions on the plans or hear major concerns from tourists, residents, or personal concerns as a business owner please let me know (via this email, 563-245-2770, or when you see me downtown) or you can reach out to Jennifer Cowsert or 563-245-2098).