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Umbrella Arts 2021 Art/Sculpture Contest

The Umbrella Arts 2021 ART/Sculpture Contest


Businesses, Organizations, Individuals, Families in the Clayton Ridge School District are invited to Participate.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:


Examples: an original poem, story, 1-Act Play, Music, Game, Dance, etc. [Winners should expect that their entry will be publicized, acted, performed.] Get started right away while normal activities are curtailed and submit as soon as ready.

ART PIECE, SCULPTURE, ETC. to be made out of any material and create such as a painting, photograph collage, jewelry, banner, flag, sign, quilt, T-shirt, decorated vehicle, etc. [Some entries might lend themselves to being part of the Stars & Stripes Parade or German Fest.]

Participants are asked to send photo or copy of entry, with name, location, short description to: AS SOON AS READY.   Absolute Deadline: June 30.                             Questions: e-mail or call Juanita at 563-880-7662.


In addition: UA invites an individual, organization, etc. to PLAN A COMMUNITY EVENT CELEBRATING “CHOOSE HOPE” possibly sharing some of the above entries (not limited to winners). Send proposal to Umbrella Arts,  P. O. Box 610, Guttenberg, IA 52052.