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Fresh Conversations

What is Fresh Conversations?

Fresh Conversations provides a new, or fresh, newsletter each month. Each issue focuses on a current health topic and offers practical tips and sensible solutions to everyday problems that get in the way of doing what most people want to do: eat well and live well!

The newsletter provides up-to-date information to you from nutrition and health research. You will also find low-cost, healthy recipes, easy ways to be active at home, puzzles and games.Fresh Conversations is a social opportunity to connect with other older adults for a friendly discussion focused on nutrition and physical activity education. Join us right from the comfort of your home for a fun conversation that will help you learn how to maintain your health and independence during one of these sessions this month.

We are offering Fresh Conversations through conference calls or computer meetings (with or without a camera). Contact us today to find a Fresh Conversations meeting in your area!

Sample topics:

• Heart Disease Myths and Facts

• The Downlow on Processed Foods

• Keeping up with Diet Trends

Contact: Hailey Boudreau

Iowa Department of Public Health


Who can attend Fresh Conversations?Any Iowan 60 years-old or older can participate in Fresh Conversations meetings, especially those who are interested in positively transforming their personal health! Not 60+ but you still want to get involved? Fresh Conversations is always looking for volunteers to help lead our meetings.

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