COVID-19 Community Updates

COVID-19 Save the Biz Fundraiser

So many of our small communities have businesses in immediate jeopardy of facing layoffs, closures and financial troubles during the pandemic. Rivals, Inc. intends on using its resources, AKA custom printing, to help any business interested in our SAVE THE BIZ campaign to raise needed funds.

It’s a simple process:

1. Sign up your business up (provide us with the logo you want us to use)

2. We take the logo and display it printed on a t-shirt (these will be Bella Canvas Ringspun Tees)

3. We will post the t-shirt for sale online: Our website, Facebook , Instagram, Twitter

4. IMPORTANT: SHARE THE POST with your friends, encourage them to purchase your businesses t-shirt

5. Upon ordering, Rivals prints and ships to your supporters directly.

6. Fundraised proceeds are sent back to the business.

This is one creative way we can use our resources at Rivals to help others. Without schools, colleges, sports, community activities, or events happening, our print presses are nearly silent. Hopefully this will help wake them back up and we can support those businesses that have done so much for us in the past too.

Consider signing up your business and join the small business battle against COVID19.

Learn more here.


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