Production Workers / Machine Operators

Posted 10 months ago

Tom Ertl


Garnavillo, IA

15 x 1st Shift, 2nd Shift, 3rd Shift

1st Shift: $12.50, 2nd Shift: $13.25, 3rd Shift $13.50

Full-time with a full benefit package and part-time positions available. Passing a drug screening is required.

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following:

Evaluate operator instruction sheets for quality information such as: how to inspect and de-gate parts, what kinds of defects, packaging instructions, etc.; Inspect labels and verify all information; Perform quality oriented tasks to plastic parts that meet customer requirements by: Trimming flash off parts with a razor knife, Clipping parts off from stem / runner, Performing visual and some gauging quality checks, Assembling plastic parts to customer requirements, Packaging parts to customer requirements (fill out inspection slips)

Using special fixtures, tools and jigs to perform above tasks, Operate on molding machine or multiple machines at required speeds to meet standard cycle times and monitor mold when closing to prevent damages.