Lenth Herefords

Lenth Herefords is a family farm operated by Doug and Marilyn Lenth, where they raise purebred Hereford beef cattle. Both Doug and Marilyn share a passion for agriculture and livestock that started at an early age, both being raised on cattle farms in Clayton County. They first met while in 4-H when both were showing cattle at the Clayton County Fair.

Their operation today consists of 80 registered Hereford cows, and they primarily sell breeding stock – bulls, heifers, bred heifers and cows. The Hereford breed is known for its efficient production and calm dispositions. Their bulls and heifers have been sold throughout the Midwest, and as far away as California, Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Ohio. They also sell a limited amount of freezer beef, as whole, halves, or quarters.

The Lenths are very self-sufficient, raising their own hay, oats, corn and corn silage for feed. Natural conservation is important to them, and their feedlot cattle are fed non-GMO corn and never implanted.

Visitors are always welcomed!